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This blog is intended as a gallery of photos for all moths found in the county of Kent. Please send through your quality images (and links to your websites) of moth species caught yesterday or yesteryear in order that this can become a complete archive of Kent's moth fauna.

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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Blair's Mocha

Trapped in Biddenden by Steve Broyd on 27th October.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


'I took these photos of a Herald moth on 20 Oct. in my garage in Sandwich. A classic roosting site ie. a cold outbuilding, under some boards.' Thanks to Keith Heaven for these photos.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Merveille du Jour

'Two of the three Merveille du Jour in the trap last night (13th October). They are a regular October visitor to my garden in Ruckinge.' Thanks Bernard Boothroyd

Emmelina monodactyla

Emmelina monodactyla (1524) - A common "Plume" moth found all year round. Taken at light in Paddock Wood on 10th October 2009.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Paddock Wood 10th October 2009

Brindled Green - Another one from the night's catch.

Dungeness 10th October 2009

Red-line Quaker - A nice distinctive Noctuid, fairly common across much of Britain.
Large Wainscot - An inhabitant of reed-beds and riversides being fairly common in the south and east of England then becoming more local to the north.
The Mallow - No prizes for guessing what the main larval foodplant for this species is!

Feathered Brindle - A rather localised moth along the coastline of Southern Britain.

Black Rustic - If only all Noctuid were this easy!

Autumnal Rustic - Another relatively easy Noctuid to identify but more variable than the above.
Feathered Ranunculus - Another coastal moth, found along the southern, north-western and Welsh coasts of Britain.

Many thanks to the staff at Dungeness Bird Observatory for allowing me to photograph some of their catch, it goes without saying that permission must be sought before delving into the trap(s).

Paddock Wood 10th October 2009

Blair's Shoulder-knot - The Collared Dove of the moth world. First seen on the Isle-of-Wight in 1951 then spread rapidly northwards and is found throughout most of England.

Barred Sallow - A rather pallid individual of this relatively common moth in the South and South-east of England, occurring further north on a local basis.

The Vapourer

The Vapourer - From UKMoths "An unusual species in many ways, the males fly during the day.
The females are virtually wingless, an attribute normally associated with winter-emerging species, but the adults are out from July to September, sometimes October in the south."

I found this one on the causeway at Bough Beech on the 4th October, I only had the camera-phone with me so I hope the quality is acceptable.