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This blog is intended as a gallery of photos for all moths found in the county of Kent. Please send through your quality images (and links to your websites) of moth species caught yesterday or yesteryear in order that this can become a complete archive of Kent's moth fauna.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dusky Hook-tip (Drepana curvatula)

I caught this scarce immigrant at St Margaret's at Cliffe, using a modified Skinner type trap using an 80W MV lamp on 30/7/2014.

Dusky Hook-tip (Drepana curvatula)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dark Crimson Underwing

This Dark Crimson Underwing (Catocala sponsa) was caught in a 80W MV trap on 20/7/2014 at St Margaret's at Cliffe. In  the UK it only occurs as a breeding species in the New Forest and is a rare migrant to Kent.

Dark Crimson Underwing

Dark Crimson Underwing, just showing the underwing.

 Teasing the wing open allows the characteristic "W" on the underwing to show.

 When it was released it perched awhile giving an unusual view of the underside.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Aedia funesta - a first for Britain

 Aedia funesta (photo Nigel Jarman)

A surprise for Nigel Jarman on Sunday 13/6/2014 in his garden trap at Kingsdown. Nigel recognised that it was similar to The Alchymist (Catephia alchymista) and The Sorcerer (Aedia leucomelas) and by a careful search on the WEB discovered its identity. What a great find, a first for Britain!

Pigmy Footman (Eilema pygmaeola)

 The 'Pallifrons' form of Pigmy Footman - usually considered a Dungeness speciality.

'Pallifrons' Pigmy Footman 29/6/14, Hythe, Kent, Ian Roberts

Another Pigmy Footman, caught at St Margaret's at Cliffe on 22/7/2014.