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Monday, 3 May 2010

Dungeness Bird Obs 30th April to 3rd May

Ethmia Bipunctella - Restricted to shingle habitats on the coast in south-east England feeding on Viper's bugloss. (Top photo Marcus, lower one by Josh)

Small Waved Umber - Distributed through southern England and southern Wales.

Tawny Shears - 'Inhabiting dry grassy or stony habitats such as chalk downland and shingle beaches, this species is fairly well distributed across England and Wales and into the south of Scotland.' UK Moths This was by far the commonest moth in the trap. (Top photo by Josh, lower one showing variability of species by Marcus)

Shuttle-shaped Dart - 'A sexually dimorphic species, the males having brownish variegated forewings and white hindwings, the females fairly plain dark brown forewings and buffish hindwings.' UK Moths

I'm sure Marcus will have some more photos to display here...

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