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This blog is intended as a gallery of photos for all moths found in the county of Kent. Please send through your quality images (and links to your websites) of moth species caught yesterday or yesteryear in order that this can become a complete archive of Kent's moth fauna.

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Paddock Wood - 15th August 2009

Treble Bar on top and Lesser Treble-bar underneath (probably!)
Straw Underwing - A relatively widespread and locally common species in England, shame it wouldn't pose to show it's hindwing.

Rosy Footman - like some of my ex-girlfriends, pretty but common!

Old Lady - a big old brute (55-65mm) found sheltering near the shed.

Grey Pine Carpet - common but quite variable.

Dusky Thorn - one of the more subtley coloured thorns.

Common Wainscot - I love the "texture" of this widely distributed moth.

Bulrush Wainscot - From UKMoths "Relatively common in suitable habitat throughout much of the British Isles, this is a large distinctive species, with a wingspan of up to 54mm. Flying from July to September, it occupies a range of damp or marshy habitats, but is sometimes found wandering away from these areas." This is a female and was a rather fortuitous catch as it was actually sitting in my net which I had left out overnight and keep to hand when emptying the trap.

Amblyptilia acanthadactyla - This moth is distributed widely over much of Britain and Ireland, and, since the 1990s, has become much more frequent, including in gardens (per UKMoths).

Pyrausta aurata - locally common in England and can be seen flying in the daytime.
As always please feel free to correct any mis-identifications.


  1. Marcus, I wished you'd told me sooner that you had an old lady in your trap! I'm not one to miss strange senario's!

  2. I would much rather have had a Maiden's Blush, just don't tell the missus!