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Friday, 14 August 2009

Paddock Wood - 8th August

Scallop Shell - not recorded that frequently in Kent and a nice easy moth to id! UKMoths says this about it "prefers open woodland with an undergrowth of bilberry, and marshy areas, and flies in a single generation from June to July. It occurs locally over a large part of the British Isles as far north as southern Scotland."

Pale Mottled Willow - quite common but took me some time to work out what it was. The black spots on the leading edge of the forewing and white spots around the kidney mark were good pointers which I chose to overlook for far too long!!

Hoary Footman - another odd one to get so far west into Kent (assuming I've id'd it correctly and it isn't Scarce Footman). From UKMoths "Paler and greyer than similarly patterned 'footmen', the range of this moth is more or less restricted to the south-west coasts of England and Wales, although occasional specimens do turn up further east along the coast, and sometimes inland."

Cypress Pug - it's late and I'm being lazy so from UKMoths (again!) "A relatively recent arrival in Britain, being first recorded in Cornwall in 1959. Since then it has spread along the south coast and northwards to the south Midlands."
All taken at light on August 8th 2009.

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