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Friday, 11 September 2009

Sciota rhenella caught 8th July 2006 at St Margaret's at Cliffe

These aren't the greatest pictures, but it wasn't a very striking moth. I didn't recognise it and Nigel Jarman came round to help. He wasn't sure and it went to Sean Clancy.

Sean though it was probably S. hostilis but passed it on to Mark Parsons for a second opinion. On dissection it appeared to be Rhenella. There was still some doubt and it went to David Agassis who confirmed rhenella. The moth then featured in Atropos No 31 page 44 as the second record for the UK. The first was at Greatstone on 20 June 2005 taken by Barry Banson.


  1. Perhaps the most well travelled moth around?!

  2. The slide with its bit and pieces on went to Germany!