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This blog is intended as a gallery of photos for all moths found in the county of Kent. Please send through your quality images (and links to your websites) of moth species caught yesterday or yesteryear in order that this can become a complete archive of Kent's moth fauna.

Many thanks,
Tony Morris (Admin) & Ross Newham (Admin) kentmothsgallery@gmail.com

Friday, 11 September 2009


Hi all,
I really appreciate you all posting and I think the gallery has really taken off. Its nice to see all the photos of a variety of species. Myself and Tony Morris think that from now on photos on the blog should only represent high quality shots of species (although I admit, its me who posts all the poor quality photos!) I hope you all continue to post and leave a comment if you agree or disagree with the idea.


  1. Josh, I think common species are fine if the pictures are good, if they are common we should manage to get specimens in good nick, with scarcer moths that's more difficult.

  2. Hi Chaps,
    I agree too, it's not actually as easy as you think photographing moths and I'm only now feeling relatively pleased with my results. A tripod and a remote release are very important/essential. Tony, could you be so kind as to give us a few tips as your photos are great, also what lens do you use and do you use a flash at all?
    With regards species added to the blog, personally I'd like to see this become a reference for all species encountered in Kent, obviously we don't need duplicates of those already featured (check the labels down the right hand side) unless the specimen you have a photo of is a different form or highlights the variability in a species.
    I'm more than happy to provide the bread and butter whilst Tony (and hopefully others) can make us jealous with their waifs and strays!