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Monday, 26 July 2010

Dungeness Bird Observatory, 24th July 2010

Cynaeda dentalis - From UKmoths: "A highly distinctive moth, this species is restricted in Britain to a few coastal localities in the south-east of England, where its preferred seaside habitats such as shingle beaches occur.

The single generation flies in July, and comes to light.

The larval foodplant is viper's bugloss"

Shore Wainscot - A rather pale and worn individual of this strictly coastal species.

Schoenobius gigantella - As the name suggests this is a beast of a micro, such females being up to 46mm. Another coastal speciality.

Mere Wainscot - The Lewington guide suggests there is a population near Sandwich but otherwise the occasional wanderer appears in Kent. Apologies for posting photos "in the pot" but I was under strict instructions not to lose the moth!
Thanks as ever to David Walker at DBO.

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