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Thursday, 1 July 2010


Goat Moth - a stunning moth which fortunately didn't stink of goat.

Cream-bordered Green Pea. 'scattered locally throughout south-eastern England, with occasional records elsewhere, and inhabits fens, marshes and damp woodland.'

1414 Synaphe Punctalis - armed with my new copy of Manley I was able to ID a few micro's and pyralids. This species was fairly common in the trap.

Obscure Wainscot - don't look too obscure to me, but subtly stunning.

The Clay

Dotted Fan-foot - we were fortunate enough to trap 2 of these, which are very localised species occuring in East Anglia and some parts of southern England. Not easy to photograph, this one flew off and landed on a water lily!

Red-necked Footman - this one was the 1st observatory record...the 2nd record was trapped the following evening.

Light Arches

Reddish Light Arches

Southern Wainscot - another subtly stunning wainscot from the trap. Over wintering larvae feed on phragmites (Reed).

White-line Dart

Forester - one was netted and I am told that on the 30th up to 6 were found around the Whitehouse.

Some results from trapping and netting around the observatory between the 27th and 30th of June. Every night 4 traps were put out; 3 MV's and 1 Actinic.

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