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This blog is intended as a gallery of photos for all moths found in the county of Kent. Please send through your quality images (and links to your websites) of moth species caught yesterday or yesteryear in order that this can become a complete archive of Kent's moth fauna.

Many thanks,
Tony Morris (Admin) & Ross Newham (Admin) kentmothsgallery@gmail.com

Friday, 16 July 2010


Hi all,

Just a quick post to reiterate the purpose of this blog, which I should have made clear at the beginning.

The aim is to create an illustrated list of moths (both macro and micro) that occur in Kent. The main priority is to keep adding species that have not featured on this blog yet. To find out which species are already on the blog there is a list on the right hand side under 'Species Photographed'.

Please don't post photos of species which are already on the blog, although exceptions can be made for rarely photographed subspecies or forms, or just aberrant specimens.

Thanks for all your help...now lets start covering micro's a bit more!


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